1)   Who are the people using gun violence?

        2)Why can’t the government stop selling weapon?

        3)How they going to stop the gun violence

The most important things to me everyday are waking up seeing my family by my side.

The things on the news piss me off is people getting beat up by police and young lives get destroyed everydays.

Somethings missing is solution on how we can fix the problem as a community.

When I look up in internet about gun violence then It show the maps that gun violence It all over the world.I notice that the government don’t really care about It nomore.A current big Issue regarding gun violence going around Is the pleading of young kids to end gun violence, a current video of a 6-year-old boy was released where he was saying he wanted people to stop killing other people. By seeing this I notice that younger kids are realizing the effect guns have on their lives.

The issue I care about is gun violence taken away are talented people.I arrive at this topic because this issue happening to many people in my life that I know they have good talented.I learn that this issue it not happen In my community but It happening all over the world and It really sad to see them gone young.I want to learn that how the government going to handle this Issue because this problem getting bigger and bigger.



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