The constant pressures from school, bullying, and a lack of social programs can cause teen depression. Teen depression is a growing epidemic in today’s society. Dealing with  overwhelming stress can cause depression. This can eventually result in terrible mood swings and other serious problems. According  to TIME’s (2015) article “There’s a Startling Increase in Major Depression Among Teens in the U.S,” the rate of teen depression has skyrocketed within the past decade, affecting  communities and families around the country. Teen depression also contributes to drop out rates  and youth suicide said by “Living Depressed” a teen depression website. Depression can bring down positivity in schools, classrooms, and at homes affecting the depressed and those around them. Teen depression is a social issue because it is a problem that is constantly occurring around the country and is not being adequately addressed. It is unfair because many teens are bullied and harmed constantly which can cause and/or worsen their depression.  Understanding the hardships and troubles teens go through when depressed is vital to fixing the problem. More programs to raise teen depression awareness could give teens someone to talk to relieving their depression symptoms. So far people have tried to make programs and tried to talk and communicate to those who are depressed, but the input of the teens is often neglected and overshadowed by preconceptions of the adults. In order to overcome this problem, schools should have after school programs for teens who are at risk of depression and student-led discussions for bullying prevention.


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