While news and media outlets may at times glorify or highlight the achievements and accolades of college student athletes, these same student athletes also experience a range of challenges. Student athletes lack academic support because they are often perceived differently by the school and their fans and more is expected from them they are also faced with racial injustice. When athletes experience mistreatment, they find other ways to cope with their frustration.  College athletes should get the same rights as non athletes which includes respect, academic support, and academic expectations. They deserve to have the same expectations as non student athletes and should not experience higher expectations because of their athletic status. Often times, student athletes are seen as only athletes and nothing more.  The mistreatment of student athletes, is a social inequity because they are not receiving the same academic support and are not held to the same expectations as non student athletes. A solution to this problem, I believe schools should limit the amount of hours spent on practices and provide structured academic support programs to help all student athletes.


Currently in college there is a  NCAA Bill Of Rights and the first right is that each student should be able to play on the team if they have the talent, get along with each other, and meet the grade requirements. The second right is if student athletes do not follow the rules, they have to deal with the consequences. The third right is student athletes have the right to be free from discrimination.  The  fourth right is they have the right to establish rules that protect them. The fifth right is student athletes are allowed to have 4 years of eligibility.  The sixth right is they have the right to have the NCAA review to review their financial aid and scholarships.   The seventh right is  that each student athlete should have the right to participate in work study and have the right to earn full grants.  The eighth right is to have rules that are fair for their welfare and participation  The ninth right is that student athletes have the right to ask to fix unfair rules.  The tenth right is each student athlete has the right to review the rules.  The purpose of these rights is to protect student athletes from unfair treatment and make sure they get the  support and  resources they need to better themselves and graduate on time.

However, although the Bill Of Rights is in effect, student athletes are still facing problems academically.  Student athletes are not getting treated fairly because universities put too much pressure to win and not enough support to keep up their grades. This is a social justice issue because the athletes lack academics support and are held to a higher standard than other non athlete students.  With athletes having daily workouts, practices and weekly games when in season the workload for players can be unbearable in the eyes of an athlete.  In the article “No Simple Solution for Why Student- Athletes Continue to Struggle in Classroom” studies have shown that athletes spend more hours a week in practices, and less hours in academics. If educators spend more times focusing on the student’s academics it’ll be more likely for student athletes to succeed outside of their sport ability.


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