What does depression affect?

What can cause teen depression?

What is depression?

Equality and equal  opportunity is whats most matter  to me. The most important thing needed in everyday life in  my eyes is peace.This is important to me because without peace most  can not be  happy. What goes on inside the lives of our inner city youth is a topic that isn’t discussed enough.

A topic  that simply captivated my attention was teen depression. I chose to discuss this topic because at one point in time I was so overwhelmed  with school and everyday life I became depressed, but i feel I was never properly informed on the topic .While researching this topic I found that Depression affects about 20%of adolescents by the time they become adults,and that depression does not just affect adult it affects teens just as much. Researching this topic was very informing but i did not get to understand everything, in the future I want to learn more about curing teen depression.



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