I chose cloning because it seems very interesting to be able to make an exact copy of another human being I would like to see how it would effect us as original copies and how would we react to them.


3 questions I would like to know while researching the topic are:

  1. how close are we to  actually cloning someone?
  2. what is the closest thing we ever gotten to actually  cloning?
  3.  what are the pros and cons of cloning?
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  1. Nuong 3 years ago

    Hello Ahmir, I am very pleased to see you have chosen cloning as your Genetic Engineering application since cloning is very interesting and I also wonder how far we as the human race can go far to as clone another living organism. I wonder that once we are able to clone then can we also clone people’s personality and memories as well beside their physical body. I hope during your research you’ll be able to answer the questions you seek as well since cloning is definitely the next step to the future!

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