Author: Nuong

What do I stand for?

Should Abortion be Legal?

An important issue that I feel very strongly about is that women should have full control and rights to her body, meaning that every woman should have rights to whether they want an abortion or not. It’s an issue that I think about a lot because people always say that it’s cruel to abort a baby and to think about the baby but what about the life of the woman. There is more that plays into abortion and not enough people asks woman enough about their well-being when they are under pregnancy and deciding to do abortion.

It’s not just about aborting a fetus but it’s also about the woman and her circumstance. Women don’t abort for the sake of aborting, they do it for reasons whether its financial circumstance or the environment their living in. 75% of woman who chose abortion in 2014 were poor or low-income.

Many people argue on the opposing side that aborting a child is considered murder. However, the moment you decide to take away a women’s right to an abortion your doing more hurt than help. Babies and kids should come into this world wanted. If the kids are just born into the world unwanted, who’s to say that they all will get adopted? Not only that but adoption centers will get full and those kids will have to be put through the pain of being put in family to family. Kids should be wanted when they are born, we should treasure them instead of throwing them into this world and expected everything will be okay.