The osprey is known for being one of the most beautiful birds in Yellowstone National Park. They have one food source in Yellowstone, the cutthroat trout, and that food source is dying. If we want them to stay in the park we need to get rid of the lake trout in the Yellowstone lakes. This not only affects the osprey but almost every other animal within Yellowstone Park.


Recently, Ranger Jon Nicholson told my class the osprey was “a gorgeous bird to look at.” Many people would hate to see this beautiful bird to migrate of somewhere else. It would be amazing to see the osprey have a higher population in the park. Not only for beauty but because it will help their population problem.

I personally think we should have more protection for the osprey. They are coming back, but it is happening very slowly. The DDT dichloro-diphenyl-trichloro a temporary protection act in place right now. I think they should have a permanent one because it’s going to take a lot longer than 5 years for a bird to come back to its full population. Many people think that once the 5 year has been up and it’s still not up in numbers they are going to sign another one. I personally think that will not help as much as they need, this 5 year plan has rules that are not applicable to what the Osprey needs.

I think this is wrong, very wrong! They are at a crucial point in their population numbers. They could fall again at any point. If we move them to just a ten-year plan than we could save this beautiful bird sooner.


This bird is not picky when we went to Yellowstone I saw one roasting on a telephone pole. They took the wires off and connected it to another one. Why are they not roasting in the park? It’s cause they can’t get food, and if they do it’s a competition to get it. Osprey are an average sized bird, but it’s not big enough to fight off the bigger predicts that go after the cutthroat to. This birds wing span is only 24 to 71 inches long. It doesn’t have a body to fight as it does to fish.


Over all the Osprey has a lot of potential and it should get a lot more attention than it’s getting.                                                              


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  1. Ashton 7 months ago

    That is very cool. In order to many prevent bird deaths, we need to stop bird collisions. We can do this by trying to make the TWC building laminate their windows

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