1. Why aren’t the caseworkers checking on minors in group/foster homes?
  2. Who is in charge of placing minors in the homes?
  3. What is the support system that minors have when they are in the system?
  4. What support do minors in foster care have for school?
  5. When do the foster care system stop supporting minors?
  6. When are minors officially placed in foster homes?
  7. Where are the foster care assessments?
  8. How many times are the caseworkers suppose to check on foster kids in the homes?
  9. Why can’t the foster care system hire private investigators to watch out for foster kids?
  10. How do minors enter the foster care system?



Foster care is important to my everyday life because not many people are too focused on what foster youth go through in their everyday lives. In the news I noticed that foster youth were being placed in a former juvenile hall detention center in Texas that got me really upset. The thing that is not being talked about is what is going to be done to help foster youth be successful when they leave the system. The thing that should be talked about is oversight and accountability for foster youth. Abby Sewell published a news article titled ¨Foster child says he was held in L.A. County juvenile hall for a month without charges”. The article is on a child named Eric Usher who is 17 years old. Usher was held for a month without charges and his social worker did not respond to his calls when he was trying to get help. In October 2015 he filed a claim against his probation officer and social worker alleging false imprisonment and civil rights violations. When he finally got his social worker in the phone his caseworker’s response was that there was nothing she can do. Abby Sewell managed to get a quote from Usher´s attorney, Pamela DiBello, who states, ¨People who were entrusted to take care of him – his social worker, his probation officer – completely ignored him.¨ Eric Usher has been mistreated and feels as though the system doesn’t fully care for him. Eric Usher proves that the system makes some people blind by what they are actually supposed to be doing which is protecting the kids. The part where the caseworker claims there is nothing she can do makes no sense because a caseworker can solve foster youth problems. The main issue I care is that the foster care system does not help minors because with necessary resources and support. I arrived at this topic when I choose a topic for my senior project. I have learned that the caseworkers are too overwhelmed with managing more than one foster youth. I would like to learn what is being to give foster youth accountability?Why aren’t the caseworkers checking on minors in group/foster homes?

Photo by DFAT photo library


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