The application of Genetic Engineering is the medicine that I have chosen to write about. I have chosen this application because it is a way to help people who need help and it is hard for them to find help from. There is 6 top of different and they are Cancer, Vaccination, produce of blood factory, Somatostatin, Lymphokines, Hormones. The reason those are more top because it is hard for people to get help and they look at DNA to be matched with the right medication they need. Without the DNA and giving any kind of medicine it can harm them and it can go bad. Giving medication to every action with their sickness they have to look at DNA and use it to find the right perfect medication. It’s important to know hoe it works before giving anything to anybody.


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  1. Ilda 2 years ago

    Dear Leidy,
    My name is Ilda Ortega and I am a senior at Fremont High School. I am fascinated by your application choice because I got to know genetic engineering in medicine, and I like that specific choice because I think medicine is very important for not just certain individuals, but the entire world. One thing you said that stood out to me is: “I have chosen this application because it is a way to help people who need help and it is hard for them to find help from.” I agree with your statement and also believe this application is a great tool to help those in need of it.

  2. Brenda 2 years ago

    Great information. It’s great that you have an interest on helping people out.

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