1. The names of the 3 videos I have watched and listened are called Anthony Hopkins Reads “The Lovesong Of J.Alfred Prufrock”, James Baldwin reads from “Another Country”, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Reading From Her Memoir.
  2. My 3 audio recordings:
  1. For my 3rd recording, I´ve chosen the poem ¨Still I Rise¨ by Maya Angelou. What I feel about my first 2 recordings were that it was kind of difficult for me to read a few words in a different way every time I said it, but I manage to get it done. Overall, I feel that my recordings are pretty clear with the tone and the way I said certain words and phrases. I recorded a few times and I just decided on which recording to upload. As for my 3 recording, I basically just read the poem in a way that I felt like the poem should be read.  I’ve chosen the poem ¨Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou. And so pretty much, I feel good about my recordings.

  2. When I was recording, I felt kind of weird in a way. It’s just that saying a phrase over and over again in a different tone or way was something I don’t find myself doing that often. But I started to think that doing these recordings are probably what actors do in order to play a character or a role in a movie or something. As I started the first recording, the second and third one became a bit use to and I was comfortable audio recording myself saying these phrases over and over in front of others. I guess what they say ¨practice makes perfect¨ is true.






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