Why don’t student Athletes get the right support they need to be successful?

Would structured tutoring programs solve this problem?

Would highlighting student athletes school achievements help?

I see injustice of how student Athletes are treated in college this is impact because these student Athletes will be running or future and if they don’t get the right support they need they want be successful. I feel like that student athletes should get the support they need to be successful. The issues i care about is the Student Athletes getting Mistreated and not getting enough academic support. I arrived at this topic because i once was a student athlete. While working on my topic I learned about the NCAA Bill Of Rights. I Want to learn what would be better for the Student Athletes to be successful.

While news and media outlets may at times glorify or highlight the achievements and accolades of college student athletes, these same student athletes also experience a range of challenges. Student athletes lack academic support because they are often perceived differently by the school and their fans and more is expected from them they are also faced with racial injustice. When athletes experience mistreatment, they find other ways to cope with their frustration.  College athletes should get the same rights as non athletes which includes respect, academic support, and academic expectations. They deserve to have the same expectations as non student athletes and should not experience higher expectations because of their athletic status. Often times, student athletes are seen as only athletes and nothing more.  The mistreatment of student athletes, is a social inequity because they are not receiving the same academic support and are not held to the same expectations as non student athletes. A solution to this problem, I believe schools should limit the amount of hours spent on practices and provide structured academic support programs to help all student athletes.


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