You can’t go wrong with food. You like it and we like it. More importantly, it’s necessary to sustain most organisms on earth, providing energy for everyone, and as humans, we all have a special flavor we enjoy. Despite this, many people are starving everyday, and it’s not exclusive in developing countries with dictators. It occurs even today in our country. Not only do I care about having dinner every night, but we wish to change the food supply.

People need food to live. Food contains organic molecules like lipids, proteins, and carbs that fuel our bodies, providing energy for our daily activities. Then, people have certain tastes and cuisines that they are accustomed to. Through this, people are able to obtain these necessities of living through tastes and flavors people like.

Before reading these articles, Tuan and I didn’t know much about the natural causes of food inequality, which eventually leads to famine. Famine wasn’t just caused by capitalist economies, climate, have and don’t have, and amount of agriculture. The productivity of livestock, human displacement, food policies, lack of nutrients, and food distribution also contribute into the hunger crisis in many country.These articles gave great insight for my topic, allowing me to learn much more and formulate a constructive essay.


Link to articles+annotations:



https://hyp.is/rzuBbj7zEeeXOzMAYOSPeA/www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/09/access-to-real-food-as-privilege/379482/ (Tuan’s)

https://hyp.is/nIAZKD7yEeeo55uFxmGTSg/www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/09/access-to-real-food-as-privilege/379482/ (Tuan’s)


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  1. Grant 2 years ago

    Great Work Joseph and Tuan! I really enjoyed reading your annotations, I appreciate how you are spreading light onto this subject even though many people are not aware of it. I also appreciated how you were able to pull out the key information from the articles even when there may not have been extremely lengthy. Keep up the good work!

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