Why do some public schools look better than others?

What laws can change so that schools  get the same equal funding?

Who is in charge of distributing the funding?


These things are important because students who live in low income  don’t have the same resources that people that people who live in high income communities that attend public schools. People who live in high income communities  have more and better resources compared to the low income communities. This is important because this isn’t fair and noone is doing anything to stop  they are just letting it happen without interfering.  I found out that while researching the topic is that  people who live in the low income community  have a lower graduation  rate compared to the people who live in  high income community. I also found that people who live low income community have a higher unemployment rate compared to the  people who live in low income neighborhood. This happens because the people in low income aren’t getting properly educated or they dont have the same/necessary resources they need to be prepared to go to school.

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