Education. In the united states education is considered a key to success however not everyone in the US has the opportunity to access higher education. Thousands of undocumented students graduates high school but cannot attend higher education due to lack of basic resources like fundings, legal residents and documentation. I feel like education should not be a privilege but a human right, everybody who resides in the US should be able to access higher education it will not only benefit them but it is a way for them to find a way to give back to their communities and importantly their families.

– DACA- deferred action for child arrivals a executive order by president Obama passed to protect undocumented students from deportation and be able to work in the US. While in the trump administration or during his campaign he promised that he will revoke this act many students  fear that they are going to be deported while in school. A student at UC berkeley quoted that “If Trump gets rid of DACA, they have our information, our address, and all of that stuff, they can easily find us and deport us”.


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