1. The application of what Genetic engineering is a modified seed that is  produced and created in lab  by scientist. weeds and insects are becoming more resistant and immune to genetically engineered toxins . This application is changing the weeds and insects.
  2. The pros of genetic engineering is that GE helps the food grow better and last longer.
  3. The cons of genetic engineering can cause pesticides to be resistance to crops.
  4. The FDA approve the first gmo insulin that was used to for medication for the people who live a diabetic life.
  5. In 2003, Bt-toxin-resistant pests were found in the US. “In less than a decade, the bugs have adapted to the genetically engineered toxin produced by the modified plants” This is a problem because our environment is already suffering from global warming and other problems. GMOs are only making things worse by changing the environment in an unnatural way.
  6. The fact that  people are not educated on Genetic engineering is concealment and that makes people skeptical of them because Based on everything I’ve talked about so far, it is clear that we do not know if GMOs are 100% safe. The scientist does not know the negative outcome genetic engineering has later on in the years.
  7. Organic crop acreage increased from about 1.3 million to almost 3.1 million acres between 2002 and 2011.USDA survey data show that organic systems had lower yields and higher total economic costs than conventional systems.



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