The technique I have chosen for my stress management is a sport, a way to remove all this negative energy I have. I feel as if I could be greatly stuck with this technique, but I also can not let it stress me out in my other activities. I believe I will find this hobby to be enjoyable, just because I will be able to release all the stress I have on the game. I will give it my 110% and just release all the tension I had built up. The best time to fit this technique into my daily life would be after school, after a stressful school day I can go shoot the ball and have fun. After I have released every bit of stress I had built up, I should be relaxed and I can get ready to go back into reality to do homework or anything that is needed to do. The physiological benefits are staying fit, the muscular movement can also help out a well. In a article from Better Health Channel, called “Soccer – health benefits” states, “helps to increase skills in concentration, persistence and self-discipline.” These skills are so important to have, well for me in highschool at least because those three skills are key to not getting into much trouble. All that is very important is to keep the hobbies chosen and school work balanced, this is why we are called “Student Athlete.” Student is first because it is always priority , athlete second because fun and activities always come after school.


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  1. Sofia 8 months ago

    I am amazed by what you write about soccer, because I also play football and something that helps me destress a bit from school and get home with the desire to do my homework.

    A phrase that you wrote that stands out for me is “The best time to adapt to this technique in my daily life would be after school, after a stressful school day I can go throw the ball and have fun” because it is true me when I arrive from school and I go to practice. I released all the negative energy and came home wanting to do my homework, a bit tired but not stressed.

    Thanks for your writing. I hope to see what you write next, because it was interesting to see what you think about soccer.

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