Dear Editor,

Attempts to regulate firearms are futile and a waste of taxpayer money.  We have to reconsider our rules and laws regarding firearms and their effectiveness.   

For instance, American lawmakers need to reconsider laws pertaining to assault rifles and limiting their sale.   In an article titled, “Why banning assault rifle won’t reduce gun violence” Adam Winkler of the L.A. Times and UCLA School of law professor says, “The problem starts with the term itself.  The ‘assault weapons’ for sale in the U.S. now aren’t really weapons of war.”  Winkler is saying they are not military-issue weapons that are the same being used by U.S. soldiers on the battlefield and do not have the same capabilities.  Winkler went on to say, “Little wonder then that a 2004 study commissioned by the Department of Justice found the the federal ban (referring to the 10 year assault rifle ban starting in 1994) didn’t lead to any decrease in gun crime or gun deaths.” Even a long term ban on assault rifles will not decrease crime or death rates, according to the 1994 ban.  This makes sense because the restricted firearms had already been widely used and owned by civilians.  They could be traded and sold to other people that may have used them to commit crime.  Even without those firearms they would have been able to modify a number of different guns to do the same job.

With this in mind, we should really consider our gun control policy. Instead of aiming at regulation why shouldn’t we increase funding for gun education.  This would assure that young people are aware of firearms and how to safely handle them.  Then we could decrease firearm accidents and perhaps make sure that people better understand them.


Erik Schmidt


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