Originally, I wanted to do a softball tournament trailer for my team to see at the end of our season. However, the footage got deleted. Luckily I had a backup plan to tell a few stories through photos I have taken over the years. One of them is my trip to America from my old home to my new one. Another story is about Chicago and how I felt going there. The last one is my safe haven; a small garden in Mackinac Island. The stories are all very personal to me because they represent me as a whole and certain things I have been through in life. I chose to share these stories through a series of partial memoirs because I think they are something worth sharing. I hope that by sharing my stories, the audience will see the beauty in history and the little things around them. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Big City, Little People


Little big city on a windy day

can make the biggest man feel like the smallest

the oldest man feel like the youngest

with its whimsical charm

and its aloof nature that can make anyone feel like a stranger

even in the most familiar places

surrounded by those who are near and dear but strangers to the windy city.

Journey To My New Home


Safe Haven




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