Posted by Tyler on May 18, 2017

Huck Finn-Freedom

In the Novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the quest to find freedom is a predominant theme. This is shown through the use of two characters; Huck Finn, and Jim. Although both seek freedom, they seek it for different reasons. Jim seeks freedom from slavery while Huck searches for freedom from society and his home life.

Huck wants freedom, he’s running away from from the boring social constructs civilization to find fun and adventure, he was running from his father, from Miss Watson and the Widow Douglas. “The Widow Douglas she took me for her son, and allowed she would sivilize me; but it was rough living in the house all the time, considering how dismal regular and decent the widow was in all her ways; and so when I couldn’t stand it no longer I lit out. I got into my old rags and my sugar-hogshead again, and was free and satisfied. But Tom Sawyer he hunted me up and said he was going to start a band of robbers, and I might join if I would go back to the widow and be respectable. So I went back.”(1)  Huck is oppressed by society, he doesn’t accept the lack of excitement and conformity of the “civilized” world, he wants adventure. Huck strives to free as he pleases, he doesn’t want a simple life of rules.

Jim is also running to freedom. He, However, is running from slavery and from being sold to another family (which would separate him from his family forever). “Jim talked out loud all the time while I was talking to myself. He was saying how the first thing he would do when he got to a free state he would go to saving up money and never spend a single cent, and when he got enough he would buy his wife which was owned on a farm close to where Miss Watson lived and then they would both work to buy the two children, and if their master wouldn’t sell them, they’d get an Ab’litionist to go and steal them.” (80). Jim wants his freedom so he can work to obtain the freedom of his family, he wants him and his family to be able to live a free and happy life.