Our military needs better benefits. Among the benefits that the military branches currently have, including the GI Bill, cash bonuses, and home loan assistance, service members earn a pension toward their retirement. A pension is a regular payment made toward a person’s retirement from an investment fund to which that person or their employer has contributed during their working life. This is important because this money that the person or their employer contributes will be the money that they will be living off of when the person decides to retire.

Looking at all of the benefits that service members have shows they are great benefits to  have, but to me I believe that they should have a better pension than they do. They should be able to take out their retirement money when they want. They should also be given cash bonus every time they enlist in the military because they are putting more of their time into the military and are putting their lives back on the line for our country.

In a post on Military.com, it says that “If you are in the Reserves you become eligible for retirement when you have served 20 good years, but you cannot draw your pension until age 60.” It has also said that “Considering that a typical enlisted retiree will receive over HALF-A-MILLION Dollars in retirement pay alone, a military pension is a great deal and you pay nothing into this it is all part of your rewards for serving.” When reading that I think that it is a little unfair that they would have to wait till they are 60 to withdraw their pensions. That is part of what I want to be changed. I think that if they serve their 20 years that they should be able to take out their pensions when they retire. For the money,  I think that this is a great deal because it gives you a good amount to go on when you finally do retire. All around, military benefits are amazing because of everything that they have. Even if a service member retires at 45 years old, they would still have to wait until they are 60 to take out their pensions that they have been saving ever since they first enlisted in the army. The men and women who are in our military deserve more flexibility on their pensions than what they have now.


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