The United States government needs to invest more in space exploration because the future of this nation’s education system, as well as the general progress of our nation, scientifically depends on it. Space exploration produces jobs and improves education which in turn improves our general state of being overall.

In an interview with The Atlantic, Neil DeGrasse Tyson said the cost of space exploration really isn’t all that much in comparison to the rest of the United States government’s budget. The budget for NASA accounts for about 0.6% of the total budget as opposed to the military which receives 16% of the budget or social security which gets 24% of the budget. Space exploration is not that expensive when compared to many of the things that our government pays for such as our military expenses. We need a government-funded space program in order to expand our scientific knowledge as a whole. Currently, NASA is working on how to more efficiently send rockets and, in the future, astronauts into deep space safely. At this point in time it is quite difficult to due to to the recent “grounding” of NASA.

In an article published on University Today by reporter and professor Elizabeth Howell, she refers to a project concerning the Curiosity Mars rover, saying, “The $2.5 billion investment made in this project was not spent on Mars, but right here on Earth, supporting more than 7,000 jobs in at least 31 states.” They also put money towards projects that support many jobs that are high paying high-skilled jobs. Space exploration does not cost as much as many people think. It is a worthy investment that will support our job economy. From astronauts to aerospace engineers to climate scientists, space exploration provides jobs for thousands American citizens.

In an article by Daniel Hohler, a journalist specializing in space and education, he said that there are five main reasons that space exploration is important. These five reasons are to promote science education, NASA’s environmental research, eliminate Earth overpopulation, natural resources, and to put ourselves into perspective. Science education is the primary reason for space exploration because science education is the foundation of innovation and is the key to progressing as a society. Education is what drives this nation forward and recently we have been lacking in such fields. To advance education, we need to also advance our own understanding of the universe. Investing in space exploration could simply reinforce what we think we know or completely change our outlook on the universe.

Space exploration will expand our knowledge and our understanding of the universe. Not only will it improve our education in general but in the scientific fields specifically. it will help to produce jobs. Space exploration is not just something that our government pays for, it inspires us to go further than any other human in history. It inspires young minds to invent new things. It inspires creativity amongst the people of this world and the willpower to go beyond it.


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