Climate change is a big problem that needs a solution. Honestly, as Montanans we never see too many big decisions on it that affect us as citizens. I feel our country needs to decide to do something big to combat climate change. Even though some people may deny the existence of climate change, there’s no way you can argue with the overwhelming data in support of the existence of climate change. Studies done by NASA present data that show that climate change is real. If we are to fix the problem of climate change Montanans will have to do their part in helping solve this problem. Our part will entail with complying to any new laws or regulations that help prevent climate change.

An article on NASA’s website has a graph that shows the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere over 400,000 days. The data is based on the comparison of atmospheric samples contained in ice cores and more recent direct measurements. It shows levels fluctuating for a long time but never crossing a line of 300 parts per million. That is until about 1950, a little after the industrial revolution. The current level is about 400 parts per million. The lowest level recorded was at 160 parts per million. There is clear human influence in the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Higher levels of carbon dioxide might not sound too horrible. But carbon dioxide has a heat trapping nature. It along with other gases have a ability to affect the transfer of infrared energy through the atmosphere. That ability to affect the transfer of infrared energy causes the Earth to warm up, thence causing climate change.

That is only a small portion of the plenty of evidence we have for climate change. Maybe all that doesn’t sound so bad. You could argue that those don’t hardly affect us. Well it does a little. Over time the effects will increase and become more threatening. In the recent past there was a deadly side-effect of climate change and global warming. There was an anthrax outbreak in Russia which resulted in the death of 12 year-old boy and his grandmother, and put 90 others in the hospital. Including the death of over 2,300 caribou. The cause of the outbreak was a 75 year-old caribou carcass thawing out and it had released anthrax spores. These spores had not been seen in the arctic since 1941.

I hope you take these facts into consideration and decide to do the right thing and act on it by creating a possible solution to our climate change problem.


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