Famous Writers Mark Twain who wrote many books like the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn which is all about reality and that which goes with what would really happen in the world unlike the opposite side of the pond. Their we find Romances like Romeo and Juliet which is all about fantastical stories were dreams and things happen to the characters which is where we find an argument between the two different times of writing to which have opposite ways that they view the world.

In Romeo and Juliet we see that two people from houses who hate each other for past grievances and all thru out they try to keep their love secret and end up marrying without the knowledge of their family. Things go astray when Juliet is going to be married and instead fakes her death which causes Romeo how being exiled for killing Juliet’s cousin to go and see her. Instead killing an important man which he than drinks poison seeing her dead but then to see her awake to see him die which she than stabs herself in the chest dying as well which brings the families together over the loss of them and their love.

In Huckleberry Finn a boy named Huck is being cared for by a widow and her sister Miss Watson who own slaves. He goes with Tom Sawyer who pretends to be robbers and soon met his drunk of a Dad who tells him to quit going to school and gives money to pay for drinks. His dad kidnaps him taking him to another home which Huck stays to get beaten and nearly killed by his dad when he hallucinated from drinking. After this he fakes his death and leaves for an island which he meets Jim an escaped slave who worked for Miss Watson who he heard was going to sell him for $800 dollars so he ran and Huck sees a Steam boat trying to find Jim. The adventure began starting with Huck getting caught as a girl and fleeing to tell Jim a party was coming to get him they set off have encounters con men named the Duke and King, found a washed away house with a dead man, a fog separates them and Huck lies saying they we’re separated hurting Jim’s feelings and later Jim gets caught and Huck pretends to be Tom when Tom shows up Pretending to be Sid his kid brother when he finds out the free Jim but having tipped off the family they get shot at and Tom gets hit they find a doctor who turns them in. They find out that Jim is now free with Miss Watson’s death and Huck’s father was the dead man they found and Tom’s Aunt wants to adopt him but Huck instead heads out to the west.

Realism in Mark Twain’s books is shown in how Huck stays with his dad instead of running away from him to the Widow to than fake his death and run away with Jim where in Romance he would have lived happily with her. Again when in the book Slavery is what society is saying is good which to us we know is evil so Huck should not do it but He struggles with it as he isn’t educated unlike us so he has problems all thru out with this while in romantic writing the hero would throw this away without a problem. then the ending where most would have excepted fate and went with Aunt Polly But Mark Strikes again with Huck leaving for the west to the unknown.

These show some of the reasons why realism struck hard into the side of romance in things like war, slavery and many other topics that realists challenged with showing of pictures of wounded the streets of the poor streets and the condition that slaves who had been suffering. they almost waged war as novels came out pointing out the falsehoods of the romance and heroics showing cruelties they had never seen before which with an effort tried to show the romantic side but now they are mostly gone with the novel Huckleberry Finn inspiring most novels to show a part of Satire they comment on and show the error in it.


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