It was a sunny day and the Little Red Hen didn’t know what to do. She was walking in a grassy area near the farm. She saw something on the ground and went closer to figure out what it was. She saw that is was a few grains of wheat. Since she had nothing else to do, she decided to plant the grains of wheat, and then use it to make bread. She believed that it was a lot of work, so she went to ask the other farmyard animals to help her.

Final Animation:

Making this simple animation took a long time because it was a long process. I made a “remixed” version of the story because the original version of the story was a little too short. First, I had to make a script. I had to write the beginning of my story (before the decision) and the two endings (affects of decisions). The beginning of my story was Act 1 and the endings were Act 2A and Act 2B. One ending was the original ending of the story, and the other was the alternate ending. After completing my script I made one storyboard for Act 1 and two storyboards for Act 2. Finally, I made my animation using my script and storyboards.

Final Script:

Final Storyboards:


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