This is an animated version of Charles Perrault’s fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. The story is interactive. You can choose between two different endings of the story. The character makes a decision. Each ending shows a moral of the story. In this animation, Red Riding Hood has to choose between telling the Wolf where she is going, which leads to the original ending, and not telling the Wolf, which leads to the alternate ending.

Here is the animated story below:



To create this animation, I had to write the script of the story. I had to make up an alternate ending of the story to show what could have been different if the main character made a different decision. After I wrote the scripts of the story with the original ending and with the alternate ending, made storyboards to show a general idea of how the story will look like. You can see the storyboards at the bottom of this post. After that, I started animating the script. I animated the first act, which was the same for both. At the end, I included the decision the viewer has to make for the main character. I had 2 versions of Act 2. One was the original ending and the other was the alternate ending. In the original ending, Red Riding Hood tells the Wolf where she is going and at the end, he eats her and her Grandma. In the alternate ending, Red Riding Hood doesn’t tell him where she is going and the Wolf dies in the end.


This is the link to the final scripts:




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