Very recently I went out to California for a special family event: my cousin just had her baby. She and her husband live out in California, so whenever I told someone I was going out to L.A. for the weekend they automatically assumed it was a vacation. The weekend I had to leave happened to coincide with an important school event, so I had let my teacher know that I was not going to be there. Unfortunately he, like many others, assumed it was solely for pleasure and would not let me make up the event. Instead I was going to get a 0/100, and my grade would drop very significantly. After hours of emailing back and forth, calling, and begging, I was finally given a make up opportunity.

Even so, the entirety of my celebratory trip was tainted by a feeling of stress and anxiety because I knew as soon as I got back my report with that teacher was ruined. Many of my cousins and aunts and uncles who also came for the baby shower could sense this. Now, my family is wildly comedic, so when someone is down they do whatever it takes to raise their spirits. The more I stressed about the assignment, the more they tried to cheer me up. The entire trip was one big hilarious adventure. It was that attitude that pulled me out of my funk. Humor is contagious and can help people feel better about almost any situation. The more time I spent with them, the more I laughed and the less anxious I was. I honestly believe, no matter how cliche, laughter is the best medicine.



  1. Mary 3 years ago

    Hello Sejal! I agree with your thesis of laughter being the best medicine because it always makes life better. I am an advocate for not taking things too seriously because in the end it does not help your cause. Your quote, “They do whatever it takes to raise their spirits” makes me very happy and want to meet your family.

  2. Lauren 3 years ago

    Hi Sejal!
    Wonderful post! I totally agree that laughter is the best medicine! I’m a person that tends to stress about the smallest things so whenever finals approach or when there’s a big test, my anxieties increase significantly. However, whenever I’m stressed I can always look to my dad to cheer me up. He just always knows what to say to make me happier!

  3. Arianna 3 years ago

    Dear Speaker. I can totally relate to your situation. I travel many times for family meetings to Mexico, but my classmates usually think is just for kicks and just to skip school. The truth is that the amount of work due after I return from Mexico, its overwhelming. Every time I’m in Mexico, stressing over all my late work, I usually think that whatever it is, I can do it. There is no impossible task given that I can’t complete or that is not worth doing after spending wonderful time with my family. And after several tries of asking for make-up opportunities, I feel relieved.

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