The economy of our country is in a terrible condition. There is little job creation, and annual GDP growth is minimal. It’s time for politicians to recognize what’s going on and to fix it, not just talk about fixing it. The real force of the economy is businesses all across the nation. They not only employ people but pay taxes for the government to perform its tasks and pay the salaries of people who also pay for the government.

After paying all salaries and all other business expenses, a business invests the money it makes in growing the business to make more money long run. It is in this process that business is struggling to perform these days. As such the economy is struggling and people either can’t find work or lose their jobs because their company is going out of business. In both cases be it lacking in business growth or businesses going out of business, both result from requiring money. The main expense that is killing business is costly unnecessary regulation. They make the business operation so expensive that companies don’t have the money to expand their activities, and in many cases, it costs more than they can afford and the business goes out of business.

High taxes also cost business and lead to them not being able to grow, and often makes them not have enough money left to be able to stay in business. In order to have the economy revive and be booming and prosperous unnecessary regulations should be removed and business taxes should be cut. Every day people have a major role in the economy as well, they are also crucial in the economy. Without the consumer there are no businesses and without them there is no economy. Every day people should also have their taxes cut so that they have greater purchasing power and they can buy more so that business can grow even more and the economy can truly be revived, boom and prosper.


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