I had a wonderful time making my scratch project. Although I faced difficulties sometimes, it was an overall fun experience. It was very enjoyable to learn more about scratch and explore the making choices blocks. It was hard coming up with a very interesting story where Goldilocks does not touch the objects but I am glad that I found a way.




Making the storyboards was very helpful because it allowed me to visual and organize my thoughts. It made me put the ideas I had into an organized poster that showed how I wanted my scratch project to looks like. Although I changed some things around, for the most part most of it stayed the same.

This is a link to my script

Making the scratch project was a very fun experience. While making my script, I had to keep in mind the original ending of the story. I had to make sure the ending was the opposite of the original one. I wanted to make my story interesting regardless of the fact that she decided not to touch the possessions. I had trouble in the beginning but after talking to my peers I realized I wanted to go with a wild and plot twisting ending, so I made Goldilocks die at the ending. Overall, I am very happy that I was able to experience how it feels to make a scratch project that tells a story.


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