Posted by Ronald on May 13, 2017

Bluebeard Remixed

My animation is based off of a story called Bluebeard.  The story revolves around a rich man who is being controlled by his brother to take many wives and kill them when he is done.  When he takes one girl something special happens, this girl is Wizdra.  The question asks if he should tell Wizdra about his past or not.  If he does he lives and gets rid of his brother but if he does not then he will be killed and Wizdra will take his money.

My story was written to show the moral that telling the truth is always the right call.  When Bluebeard does tell the truth he lives his life out happily but when he tells a lie he is attacked and his life is taken.  If people were to never tell the truth then learning would be impossible.  Here is the link to my script

Here is my storyboard,


Part 1



Part 2