• Wake up in the morning around 7:00 am
  • Take a shower & brush my teeth*
  • Get out and get dress
  • Eat some food*
  • Chill for an hour until 8:00*
  • Walk out the house
  • Go to the bus stop and be on my to school
  • Go to class*
  • Go to lunch
  • Back to class
  • Get out of school
  • Go home*
  • Do work
  • Watch the game *
  • Go to sleep around 9:30 *

I picked when I take a shower in the morning or whenever I take a shower the reason why I picked this one is because I take a certain amount of time in the shower what I mean is that I take about a 1hr and 5min showers every single day the reason why I take these long showers is I have a certain thought that If I take a shower shorter I will not be clean and I have a real mental problem with things being cleaned even myself. I stand on this because it’s a big part of my life I have to take showers every single day and make sure I am a very clean person not only I take showers for 1hr and 5min it I also time it I literally take a timer and set if so I can know when to get out of the shower.





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