The conversation that I had was based on the bias of equality between White and Black people and do people see one stronger than the other and do people treat them equally.

My conversation was with someone from my community. The person I interviewed is named Kobe. When I was interviewing Kobe, his answers were giving me thoughts about my own thoughts and the way I am with this topic.

One of the questions I asked Kobe was: “Does he treat White people equally to how he treats Black people? And, if so, why? And, if not, why?” His answer was very simple, but the way he explained his answer had me wondering about my own thoughts.

Kobe’s answer was, “Yes,” and the way he explained it was like this: “Yes, I treat White people equally to the same way I deal with Black people, but if I have to, I will treat them more powerful or less powerful. It all depends on the situation I’m in.”

I asked Kobe if he could explain what he meant by: “It all depends on the situation I’m in.” 

He said, “If I get stopped by a White officer, I will treat him like he is in charge and got more power over me just because I know what could happen if he feels anything less. If I’m in the situation of getting robbed or anything, in that case, I will make them feel more powerful just because I know what could happen at that moment. It just depends on the situation I’m in.”

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