The topic of my 30-second hook includes a reflective question about my audience looking back into their past. This allows their curiosity to spark for a minute leaving my audience confused but also intrigued. I’m trying to present about education and how it doesn’t meet the needs the students. Especially in Oakland where poverty is very high. I recorded a couple of times. I realized that I was talking too fast and I was looking around too much. My tone was the greatest strength because I have a tone that varies. My volume was great. Eye-contact was varied, so I was able to look around the room. Body Language needs improvement. I was very minimal about them. The pacing was almost perfect. I kept it at a good pace. I felt very shy and embarrassed because I don’t like looking at myself in the camera unless it’s a selfie because a video shows everything and a selfie just shows one image. I’ve always a lot of oral presentation confidence, and it did help to improve it a bit but other than that, I’m always ready to present. There have been several times that I’ve been thrown under the bus, but I did well and executed it as best as I could.


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