I believe that all people should have religious freedom. This is one of those things that when it is in the news, I just think it is unreasonable to judge or come to conclusions on someone purely based on their religion. This can link to other big issues like immigration, abortion, and even science classes in schools. I find religious freedom to be more than just being able to believe what you want, but also being able to be treated like a normal human being in society and live an everyday life.

After researching a little bit, I found out that the majority of these problems come up in businesses and what a customer’s rights specifically are. The Religious Freedom Act was made in 1993 but has had a lot of troubles since it arose. This act was originally made for the Native Americans because some of their religious exercises involved an illegal substance. Though the act has been debated extensively, some states have adopted their own personal versions of the act.

The part of this that makes me upset is when it is put into political problems, such as immigration. I think that the religion of someone should not be used to depict who they are as a person and that people should look past that trait. I think to change this we need to really expose children in school to many different religions and that they all have pros and cons, and then kids are free to choose who they want to be and not judge others for what they believe. I think this also relates to censorship. In my American Literature class, we are reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. Some people argue that mature concepts should be censored to young people, as it will be inappropriate but my counterargument is that if these kids do not have the proper exposure, they will never fully understand. If young people are more exposed and familiar with different religions, then when they are older the topic will not seem so threatening.


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  1. Wentao 2 years ago

    Ben, I really like your response of religion. I am agree with you, it is unreasonable to judge or come to conclusions on someone purely based on their religion. First, freedom of religion is written in the United States’ Constitution in First Amendment. Every people living in this country should being respect to the Constitution. Second, religion should not be a sensitive tage of people. Religion is more like culture or spirit from inner your mind. We are all same to each other, religion should not be used for someone to judging others.

  2. Jason 2 years ago

    This was very well written and you did a very good job at connecting the thought of religion it other things like the Religious Freedom Act and a book you were reading in class. You did a very good job as getting right to the point and not dragging out your thoughts. It is clear how you feel on this subject and i have to agree that we tend to judge people on their religion and it is a problem.

  3. Melaina 2 years ago

    Ben, I really like how you related censorship to the exposure of religion. I think it is important, especially today, that we teach our generation and generations to come, how to be more open minded. Your religion might be a part of who you are, but it doesn’t define who you are. The stigmas and the stereotypes have to go, we are all similar in many ways and shouldn’t be judging each other.

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