This is a slightly different version of the story that was originally written by Antoine Galland. This is a story where a man finds lots of gold in a cave, but in his greed, gets stuck in the cave and eventually dies. Check it out!


I chose to make this story because it was one of my favorite childhood stories that I was taught over and over again. I made the scripts based on the original story, but it may still be different. What really helped was how detailed the story was, which made it easier for me to recreate the story. This story is interesting and has an obvious moral, so I highly recommend you to watch the animation by clicking on the green flag. The animation is about 2 minutes long, enjoy! I also made some storyboards that show a short script of this story and the full script, click here for the full script.




CC BY-SA 4.0 Ali Baba Remixed by Jay is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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