Hillary Clinton was painted as the lesser of two evils throughout the whole 2016 election. People took the opinion that since she was the lesser of two evils they wouldn’t vote for her because she was still “evil”. The only cons you could find about Hillary her self were that she deleted her email inbox. Sure she used her personal email for work but everyone has their slip ups, especially Donald trump who says Hillary is a crook for using the incorrect email while he hasn’t released his taxes since 2005. Many democrats who felt they didn’t have a good option this election didn’t vote at all. This was bad because as the people said she was the lesser of two evils and now we are stuck with the greater of the two evils.

Hillary was also to be our first female president. She had the experience and the guts to be president and it would have opened paths for many women in roles not normally given to females. This election could have given confidence to many people but instead it came as shock to over half the country. Lots of people are protesting but the people standing up against trump in the government are getting fired. The BI was investigating links with the Trump campaign and the Russians which resulted in their chief being fired.

The day after the election I walked to school as normal but I saw people crying and it felt as though there was a dark cloud over everyone. The teachers were in shock just as much as the students. the election was a surprise to many people women and minorities most of all. Since then Trump has done a bad job at delivering many of the thing he has promised the people who had voted for him.  The half of the country who did not vote for him is stuck with him as president because he promised people that he would do things that he doesn’t have the brains to pull off. So when people tell me that they didn’t vote this election I think shame on them because now we are trapped with plans for a wall that could just as well be used to keep us in rather than others out.


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  1. Daniela 2 years ago

    I totally agree with thought on the people who had abstained for this election and think that Trump was MUCH more evil out of the two choices. I agree that though Hilary Clinton had done something illegal she was probably discriminated against since she was a woman which as a girl I find extremely unfair. I was very disturbed when the results of the election had came and we as a country are still getting the effects of him as president. Though you have made your views clear I wanted to ask you what you think of the slow removal of any person that disagrees with Trump from power? For example, James Comey, the director of F.B.I was recently fired for how he had conducted the investigation on Hilary Clinton. What are your views on this?

    • Author
      Fiona 2 years ago

      I do have a strong opinion on that as well Dani, thanks for asking :), I believe that Trump didn’t fire him because of the investigation of Hillary’s emails. Trump actually congratulated him for being “Bold” enough to do it. That is why I believe that the reason he fired Comey because he was looking into trumps connections to Russia. Comey basically handed trump the election when he brought up the email “scandal” right before the election so I believe trump is just trying to divert attention from himself and all his wrongs.

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