Social Media is considered to be an essential nowadays. Everybody has some form of it, whether it be Snapchat or Instagram. If you don’t have it already, most likely all of your friends do and you can’t help but feel left out. Social media can be both good and bad, though it can depend on the way it is used by other users too. For example if someone is getting bullied over social media, then this is a bad use. If they are using it to express their opinions or simply talk to friends, then this is a good thing. Social media is something everyone talks about and is very popular to use, no matter how old you are or your gender.

Social media can tend to not be so good in many ways. It can be an opportunity for people to embarrass you in front of other online users, and you can’t help but feel weak since you can’t do anything about it. Staring at the screen doesn’t change what was written. An important rule of thumb to follow is that people have to be careful about what they post. Sometimes, what you post on the internet is there forever. Social media can also be a form of peer pressure, where a bunch of people can often force you to do something in real life. Worst case scenario if they were being very mean and convincing you that you are worthless, one could even end up harming themselves outside of computer screen. They could even take their own life. As crazy as it seems, it is very true. Social media can break trust between people, for example if you post a picture of someone without their consent they could end up being upset. Social media is just an app or a website, but also real life. Whatever you do in that virtual world comes back in the actual world.

Though I am making it sound as if social media is the worst thing ever, there are some good things to it! It can help you to talk to your friends and be sociable, even when you can’t in person. Social media can bring you joy, such as when you reach a goal of a certain amount of followers. Also social media provides a voice for people that feel as if they can’t find theirs or don’t have one. They can simply type a sentence and click post. That sentence could make that person feel a whole lot more confident. Yes, users should be careful about what their post but what they post and the consequences they may endure because of it is solely based upon themselves. Social media can be used to have happiness or just to give a good laugh.  Sometimes, it proves a conversation starter that might be so desperately needed in an awkward moment.

Whether one decides to get social media is a personal decision. It can impact someone’s life. Whether it be for worse or better, it depends.



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  1. Maisha 3 years ago

    Dear Lina:

    I am intrigued about your post, “Social Media,” because many kids and teens use social media to communicate and socialize with people. However, your post bought attention on how social media can also have a huge negative impact on to a teen’s life.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Worst case scenario if they were being very mean and convincing you that you are worthless, one could even end up harming themselves outside of computer screen. ” I think this is a very serious matter because many teens do not realize the impact they have on hating onto someone else. This hate can turn into depression for that other person and cause them to do something dangerous.

    Another sentence that I believed is important was: “What you post on the internet is there forever.” This stood out for me because it indicates how you must be aware of whatever you post on social medias.

    Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because shedding light on everyday problems is significant, especially the problems that not everyone realizes.

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