This video is an interview between two students, Olga Morales and me, Kiara Natal. It took place in PULSE High School in the spring of 2017. We (the students) prepared a series of questions focusing on what took place to bring a student to PULSE. The interview was conducted by, Olga Morales. She is a current student at PULSE High School and was filmed by Shareef Riles, a recent graduate of PULSE.

“Coming to PULSE gave me a fresh start. My reputation was not around to prevent me from succeeding. I know what it is like to struggle and fall behind.” said Shareef before we started.

This quote wasn’t exactly said within the interview by any of the students, but the person who was recording said it. I decided to choose this because before the interview none of us knew what to talk about, but once he said that everything I wanted to say came to mind. Also because by him saying that just showed that I wasn’t the only who felt that way.

Another quote that stuck out to me during the interview was when Olga asked me was I glad that I came to PULSE. The quote was

“Yes, because I didn’t come to PULSE I don’t think ill be graduating this year!”
Seeing this quote again just makes it even more clear what without PULSE i wouldn’t be who I am today. It opens my eyes because it’s so true that I wouldn’t be graduating right now if I wasn’t in PULSE. Coming here has helped me become a better person and a better student. Before coming here I was never able to picture myself graduating but now that’s all I think about, and it’s all thanks to all the wonderful teachers and staff at PULSE High School.


CC BY-SA 4.0 Peer Interview by Kiara is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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