Dreams, what exactly are they? Many people dream, but many don’t know what they mean or what they are. Dreams can be about anything or anyone. Dreams can occur while sleeping, but some people dream while awake which is called “Daydreaming”. Self-explanatory, right? Most vivid dreams occur during deep, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep when the brain is most active. “We dream 4-6 times a day,” experts says. Theories state that we dream for emotional or physical reasons. Scientists’ found out that people who rarely dreams anxiety, depression or weight gain. Sounds pretty awful, at least for me. “Windows are dreams to Unconscious desires Thoughts and Motivations,” says Sigmund Freud. Basically, go to sleep with a troubling thought, you’ll find a solution in a dream or at least feel better. With all this schoolwork going on, dreams are probably my new best friend!

Even with all this good that goes on in dreams, we can dream horrible things like NIGHTMARES. Imagine being chased by a dog or not procrastinating(these are my nightmares…what you don’t dream about these?!?!). Nightmares occur because of Stress, conflict, fear, trauma, emotional problems, medication, drug use or Illnesses. These are some things scientists believe that causes nightmares. For me, nightmares aren’t really scary, more like things I don’t want to happen. How about you?

Overall(yeah, this is an essay), dreams and nightmares can be seen as good or bad. Light and Dark. Green lightsaber and Red(had to add that). I used to dream a lot before, I rarely had nightmares. Now, more nightmares occur, which I don’t like (moooommmmmyyyy!!!). That’s literally what I say. Anyway, want to learn more?  DON’T GO TO WIKIPEDIA!!!



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  1. Thalia 2 years ago

    Dear Sean,
    I am interested about your essay because I didn’t know what causes nightmares. It was interesting to learn about. One sentence that stood out to me was “Nightmares occur because of Stress, conflict, fear ,Trauma ,Emotional problems ,medication, drug use or Illnesses.” I liked this sentence because I didn’t know what causes nightmares and I didn’t know it could be caused by so many things. Thank you for writing this because there were many facts that I didn’t know in this essay.

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