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Marijuana, commonly referred to as pot or weed, has been criticized and attacked for years. However, is marijuana really that bad for you? Marijuana is not an addictive drug. In fact, coffee, a drink that is commonly drunk by millions of people every day, is more addictive than Pot. Furthermore, Pot has no withdrawal symptoms, unlike other drugs. In addition, Many people refer to marijuana as a gateway drug. However, this is not true. marijuana is just as hard to get your hands onto than cocaine or heroine. It will definitely not be the start of anyone’s drug problem.

In fact, Marijuana is beneficial in multiple ways. The first one I will talk about is to stop drug or smoking. Since Marijuana does make you high, it can give the same effect than dangerous drugs like cocaine and heroine. This can lessen the symptoms of withdrawal, while not hurting your body at all. It can stop smoking because you will be smoking something and Marijuana is similar. However, it does give you risk of lung cancer, nor does it give you the risk of other harmful diseases.

Finally, Marijuana can also relieve pain and work as an anti-depressant. If you are in a lot of pain from broken bones or various ailments,  marijuana can soothe it. It is safer than other medicinal drugs such as meth. In addition, After something hurtful or experiencing depression, Marijuana can help you feel more relaxed. Other medicinal antidepressants can make you addicted or, in some cases, even work the same as a gateway drug, because you will want to feel the same high when you are on anti-depressants.

This shows why marijuana is not harmful


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  1. Eddie 2 years ago

    I agree with your post, “Why Marijuana is not, in fact, bad for you, but good for you,” because it accurately describes many of the pros of marijuana. It its a good insight to why medical marijuana should be legal. However, you must also state more bad side affects to further show the effects of marijuana.

  2. Samin 2 years ago

    Dear David,

    I am inspired by your originality of perspective. However, you must also include the countereffects it has instead of promoting your side of the story.

  3. Jay 2 years ago

    Dear David,
    I am surprised by your post “Why Marijuana is not, in fact, bad for you, but good for you” because it was very interesting and informational. One sentence that stood out to me was when you said “Finally, Marijuana can also relieve pain and work as an anti-depressant” This stood out to me because many people think of Marijuana to not have any benefits like cocaine and heroin, but this acts like a counterclaim because you have just listed the disadvantages of marijuana. Another sentence that I agreed with was when you said “Since Marijuana does make you high, it can give the same effect than dangerous drugs like cocaine and heroine” because this is true although marijuana also has benefits. I agree with you because the health benefits of marijuana have proven to be true, but there are still disadvantages to marijuana.
    I look forward to see what you write next because you include interesting topics and are a genius

  4. Isabelle 2 years ago

    I agree with you but as it may help in some ways, in others, it is not that healthy for anyone. Especially people who are underage. It helps for some things as you mentioned but my also cause harm to people.

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