Recently I read an article that opposed D.A.R.E ( Drug Abuse Resistance Education). This is a program that is normally implemented into 5th/6th grade education.  This program educates a lot of kids who aren’t aware what drugs are or the consequences of using them. When kids know the side effects and sad stories of drug/alcohol use, it scares them. Even though the scare factor might not seem fair, it is protecting many young children who shouldn’t be exposed to these things. Those who oppose say that it is a waste of time and doesn’t help at all. Obviously, in the end it is up to the kids to choose what choices they make and how they handle other situations. It might not help everyone, but it will help some. If it makes any difference at all then I stand for it and believe that we should keep this program.



  1. Wentao 3 years ago

    Nice work Melaina, I like your point about drug and DARE program. I think as long as children realize how thee drugs would damage us and is very dangerous, it will decrease the using of drug in the younger age. DARE program can help younger people living in a better live and enjoy the beautiful of the world. Good job!

  2. Joseph 3 years ago

    Nice work Melaina. I really liked your work. I agree that even with or without the implementation of the DARE program, it’s up to the kids who are in the program to make the choices. I also think that DARE will help scare those students into staying away from bad choices that are shown through DARE. Your essay was short but concise, and also included important details. Great job!

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