One subject that is really important to me is women’s’ rights to get an abortion. In today’s society it has been looked at as a taboo for women to get them, but it shouldn’t be. Abortions are something that millions of people need a year, whether they’re needed in cases of rape and incest, or in cases where the mother has no way of supporting the child.

Something that I’ve noticed in the case of abortion is that more than anything, people are torn about the subject for nothing but their own personal morals. I find this to be a huge issue because if someone is morally torn and doesn’t support it; they should not be allowed to decide what other group needs. Someone else’s mindset should not be allowed to ruin others lives, especially since many anti-abortion people give the reason that it goes against their religion. Religion is not something everyone shares, so to force a rule against abortion because of one religion’s affinity to hate abortion is to violate the boundary of separation of church and state.

The reason that I am so passionate about women’s rights to abortions is because not only does taking away the right to abortion, revoking a woman’s right, but it sets us back as a society. I do not believe that one group’s moral view of a situation should be allowed to hurt another group because they can’t get over the fact that things will happen that they don’t necessarily agree with. Abortion is a choice, not something that can altogether be taken away. One can either support it, or disagree with it but to give one group power of another to drastically change another is just completely wrong.



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  1. Shannon 2 years ago

    Really good writing, Sarah! I agree with a lot of your points, and you can tell you feel very passionately about your topic.

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