Posted by Shantanu on May 9, 2017

US Politics and Their Effect

Politics is a big reason in the United States. However, politics are resulting in decisions that are getting rid of people’s well-being and privacy. In the last few days, the House of Representatives passed a bill that is going to repeal Obamacare, which is going to affect a lot of people in the United States. The Senate, the House of Representatives, and Trump also voted on a bill that allowed ISPs to collect customer internet data and sell it.

I do not understand why such decisions have been executed. The United States was the first country in the world to grant the powers that it granted. This was amazing in the world of monarchy, where the power to the people was mostly unheard of. However, I feel like the United States is slowly but surely going back, and starting to get rid of some of the things that the people have.

In English, our class is reading Animal Farm. I feel like the current times are in the section of the book where the pigs start taking the milk and apples from other animals. The United States is slowly starting to take away from what the people can do.