Politics is a big reason in the United States. However, politics are resulting in decisions that are getting rid of people’s well-being and privacy. In the last few days, the House of Representatives passed a bill that is going to repeal Obamacare, which is going to affect a lot of people in the United States. The Senate, the House of Representatives, and Trump also voted on a bill that allowed ISPs to collect customer internet data and sell it.

I do not understand why such decisions have been executed. The United States was the first country in the world to grant the powers that it granted. This was amazing in the world of monarchy, where the power to the people was mostly unheard of. However, I feel like the United States is slowly but surely going back, and starting to get rid of some of the things that the people have.

In English, our class is reading Animal Farm. I feel like the current times are in the section of the book where the pigs start taking the milk and apples from other animals. The United States is slowly starting to take away from what the people can do.



  1. Lina 3 years ago

    I agree with Samin, but disagree with you. I also believe that you could have explained your opinion more as you only stated what you thought, but not what caused you to think so. As you may or may not know, Obamacare takes away a lot of crucial funding from the US budget, while if Obamacare was effective and well executed, there would be no issue, but Obamacare has far too many issues in its layout and “benefits”, for it to be productive in using the funding. The funding for Obamacare could be used elsewhere, where it is more needed, thus the repeal is a good step for this country on the path to many more successful steps.

  2. Samin 3 years ago

    Aoyan, your beliefs in politics interest me as I see that you are obviously not to be categorized as a conservative. However, there are some questions that your article left unanswered which made me start pondering: Why is politics a big reason? Why do you also believe tht Obamacare is crucial to America’s insurance and medical plans? Am I able to classify you as a liberal for being in favor for Obamacare?

  3. Aoyan 3 years ago

    Daniela, I think the word is starting to forget that the people should deserve privacy and well-being, and the US is thinking along the lines of “What’s good for the industry?”. This is due to the fact that the world economy is haywire, with Brexit, and the US might soon be in a depression.

  4. Daniela 3 years ago

    I enjoyed reading your ideas on politics but your connection to the book Animal farm let me wondering if you thought that the United states would turn into a communist government since the book is an allegory to the Russian revolution that led to it becoming a communist country. I my self am Cuban and both of my parents are refugees from the communist regime and I grew up knowing the effects of the being in a communist country. So my question is do you think the world is going towards this?

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