Pets are companions that are with you throughout life. That relationship cannot be replaced. As a pet owner myself I have experienced a comfort from a hard day by my pet. To feel loved by my pet is a special feeling that is beyond words. I feel they can detect if I have any discomfort and will do their best to comfort me.
Pets make life easier in some cases. Like if you are obese, your dog can give you motivation to go get up and walk. For me, I have a bearded dragon. It may seem he does not do anything, yet, he makes me extremely happy. He is the only lizard I know that will listen to my problems and not run away. He is the best pet ever.
More importantly he is MY PET!



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  1. Madison 3 years ago

    Dear Author,
    I agree with you outlook on pets in “Pets!!!” because of the many phrases people uses like how a dog is a man’s best friend. Also though i do not have pets I have a stuffed animal cat exact to my grandmother’s. Though it is not real, I can still also feel a connection to not just the cat but also my grandmother. One thing that stood out to me the most was giving the readers information on also the benefits of apet and how they give you the person a better purpose. Your post reminds me of how my father’s dad was a veternarian and because of this they had a lot of pets of the course of his youth. he says it made his life happier. Thank you for writing. I hope to read more on your opinions on animals and animal care, ect. Continue writing and go more into depth with more important issues surrounding pets, like animal abuse.
    Sincerely, Madison

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