When it was mentioned that we would be writing another This I Believe style paper, I decided that I have to write about my second choice under the music program, which is that there needs to be an actual separation between church and state. Not only has the lack of separation caused problems in the past, but it is still an issue today.

As stated in a Huffington Post article, this saying dates back all the way to the beginning of America with Thomas Jefferson stating it in a letter. Like most things, America still struggles with a lot of the same problems we did back then. To say that there is a strong separation between church is a lie that is provable by facts. We say “One nation, under God” in the pledge, “In God We Trust” is written on our monetary system, and during inauguration, the new president puts their hand on a bible. Those are all very religious items on the things that are most prominent in American culture.

There is also the point that some bills that are necessary to today’s society aren’t being passed because of some senator’s religious beliefs. It is pivotal to many American’s lives that these bills get passed, and they most likely won’t. The people who passed the bills will never understand what they are going through, and the people who needed the bills will be left to suffer.

A separation of church and state is a necessity for a more prosperous and unified America. I feel that my strong belief in the separation between church and state is justified, and I live curiously to what it will be like in a few years.

  1. Melaina 3 years ago

    Shannon, I think this is very insightful. It really opened my eyes about some of the insider struggles of our government. Forcing views in someone is definitely not the way to go about things, and being in America we are a melting pot and we all don’t believe in the same things which is okay.

  2. Sarah 3 years ago

    This is really good! It is extremely important to have a separation of church and state, not only because it’s not okay to force your views upon others, but because not everyone believes the same thing.

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