Posted by Shantanu on May 9, 2017

Group Work

I believe group work past grade school is a very unfair thing. Getting paired up with people who don’t care about their grades is dreadful. Especially with strict parents who are really serious with grades, this does not help at all. They leave you to do all the work and everyone gets the same grade. This puts pressure on me on so many levels. My parents get mad about my grades, people get disappointed¬†in me, and I have no extra time.

Back in grade school, when the teacher announced group work, everyone would be in such relief. It was so much better back then, as we were graded based on our own separate¬†parts. This gave me a breather compared to middle school/ high school. It was actually fun to work together as we were all engaged. Now, so many people don’t care.

I’m just saying that all the classes should change back to their previous ways in order to give people a break from all the stress they are processing. This will also teach people who don’t do work how to do it. It will benefit those who care. It will be much fairer than it is now.