I believe group work past grade school is a very unfair thing. Getting paired up with people who don’t care about their grades is dreadful. Especially with strict parents who are really serious with grades, this does not help at all. They leave you to do all the work and everyone gets the same grade. This puts pressure on me on so many levels. My parents get mad about my grades, people get disappointed in me, and I have no extra time.

Back in grade school, when the teacher announced group work, everyone would be in such relief. It was so much better back then, as we were graded based on our own separate parts. This gave me a breather compared to middle school/ high school. It was actually fun to work together as we were all engaged. Now, so many people don’t care.

I’m just saying that all the classes should change back to their previous ways in order to give people a break from all the stress they are processing. This will also teach people who don’t do work how to do it. It will benefit those who care. It will be much fairer than it is now.

  1. Aarush 3 years ago

    I totally agree with your post. Their are those times where you have to do everything and it can be very frustrating. When you have to present your response and its your partners turn to talk they don’t know what to say. Blabber meaningless words only that you realize that your grade is about to drop and everything is about to go terribly.

  2. Kyle 3 years ago

    Dear Mahdi:
    I can relate to your post, “Group Work”, because some people in our grade in class do not do anything in group projects. There are people who let the other people do all the work, and they don’t even prepare for the presentation (if giving one).A sentence that I admired was “This will also teach people who don’t do work how to do it.”.I liked this line because if people are graded individually, people will really start to care about what they do. I agree with you because people take credit for work they don’t do. Another reason I agree with your claim is because parents can start to micro-manage your work if they find out you are doing group projects alone. I enjoyed this interesting piece.

  3. Eddie 3 years ago

    Dear Mahdi,

    I completely agree with you, as knowing you personally, I can say that we have both been put in this situation, and writing your article, “Group Work”about, the unfairness is really relatable,because I too have been put in this situation and screwed over. I think this article has some very good ideas that are very worth considering.

  4. Lauryn 3 years ago

    Hi, I think is extremely interesting topic to think about because it is very true that group projects no longer become fair when it comes to high school. I also have parents who stress about my grades so I feel you in that group projects should be graded based off of your assigned part instead of you maybe having to complete the whole thing on your own to get the best grade possible.

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