Everyone deserves to be labeled how they like. They don’t have to fit into a box. They may call themselves “American”. They don’t have to be eligible to fit into your stereotyped check boxes. American is a place where people go to fit in. They deserve equality, just like the so called “white man” that is compared to for these stereotypes.

Equality is earned by being human. It isn’t by having a certain skin tone. It isn’t by originating someplace in the white- region or America. It is earned in America, as we all deserve these rights to Equality. If you want to be known as American be known as american. You don’t have to be “asian-american”. You are whoever you want to be.

People come to American to be free. Maybe physically they are, but mentally, they are behind bars. Those bars are the lines between what they are seen as, and their mental state can represent who they want to be. They are American. Not “Asian-American”. They choose to be American, so that’s what they are. Equality is everything in America, and denying someone the same equality that you have is not true support.



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  1. Katerina 3 years ago

    I am happy with your post “Equality” because you show how many America feel. They do not know which nationality they fit into, should they be called American or Asian, or Indian. A sentence that stands out to me was “You don’t have to be “Asian-American”. You are whoever you want to be.” I disagree with this sentence because you are still American it is just how you look. If you are born in America it does not matter how you look. Another sentence that stood out to me was ” Maybe physically they are, but mentally, they are behind bars.” I disagree with this because in America, especially New York there are many diverse communities. Thank you for posting this it allowed me to give me a perspective on equality.

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