We are doing a project about racial discrimination in colleges.  This is an important issue because some people of color do not have good opportunities for education and are more likely to not graduate from college.  Sometimes they are treated badly by other students, or even teachers, who do not want them there, or make them feel unwelcome.  To deal with this problem we think that there should be more training for counselors to make them better at encouraging students to graduate and for the counselors to learn to communicate better with the students of color.  To raise awareness about this issue we created an piktochart infographic.  If you have any questions or suggestions to help us improve our infographic please let us know.  Thanks!


Here is the link: https://magic.piktochart.com/output/22143340-new-piktochart



  1. Siena 3 years ago

    I think that the prior comments are correct in saying that while the problem you are discussing is a relevant one, I think the real problem is not in the college education system but rather in the counselors that help minority groups get into college or realize their potential and opportunities.

  2. leidy 3 years ago

    The overall in summary in pitch chart is good about the graph but remove the word “we think”- to make it look like a solution and not an opinion. Great work

  3. Jerome 3 years ago

    Will theses counselors having to go back to school for this training?

  4. Marlini 3 years ago

    I don’t think your solution would better these students lives. Why should we only focus on counselors? I think it would be better to focus on students too.

  5. Mariah 3 years ago

    I would fix the link you have, since you can’t click on it. I was able to look at the piktochart, and the evidence provided was a good start, but you should also give the reader the article title to those facts you have on there. The thesis in the beginning could be rewritten, so that it gives the reader a sense of what’s going on about racial discrimination in colleges, along with a solid solution.

  6. Noor 3 years ago

    What if the solution to having a consular encourage a student doesn’t workout? Is there another solution?.

  7. Vicky Omal 3 years ago

    I’m glad that you are taking about this topic because rascal is still very big in our society. Especially racism in education, it is something that needs to change. I can’t wait to read your full post when you’re done.

  8. Christie 3 years ago

    As you can tell by Dania’s comment, with your current prototype it might be unclear to viewers how better training for counselors could help people of color succeed in college. Also pay attention to her counterargument, you can use that to strengthen your solution. I know that you have reasons for picking that idea, but at the moment your prototype and write up do not explain the connection between the problem and your solution enough. Explain how counselors could help students succeed in college and why they are not doing that enough NOW to help explain why more training is needed.

  9. Dania 3 years ago

    The problem is a great problem to choose. I just don’t see how “training for counselors” or needing “counselors to learn to communicate” with people of color is the solution.

    I would counter-argue that these aren’t kids with disabilities that need special help. They are human beings that are just another race. I think you should find another solution that will really combat racial discrimination in colleges.

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