Combat Climate Change

The issue I am the most concerned about is climate change, especially the lack of meaningful changes implemented by the government to significantly slow down its effects. I had not worried all that much about climate change in prior years, due to thinking it was only something we would have to worry about far in the future. The last few years have changed this line of thinking for me. In Michigan, the state I live in, the weather has been increasingly chaotic the past few years. Here we are used to quite cold winters with few days without snowfall layering the ground. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the winter over the last couple years has been fairly warm and wet. There were probably as many, if not more days with snow on the ground.

What I currently know about climate change is that the additional greenhouse gases from human industry is the primary culprit. We do have the technology to end our reliance on fossil fuels but it is a mix of cost inefficiency and a lack of willingness to make large changes to energy production that inhibits governments from using them more. A long term sustainable future would also require immense cooperation between countries.

I would like to learn more about social and economic changes that are done in attempts to combat climate change.


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